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RPI Postcards

I was up at RPI a few weeks ago - the archives had a few cards that I hadn't seen before.  I was able to scan them and add them to my site: They also had a nice display in the Union featuring a few old postcards: And a few prints and trade cards in the Library on display:

Montana Money Clip

Went to the Phoenix Grill last week - the decor was more interesting than the food. They had this front & back postcard framed, apparently from a patron or employee.  If you can't make it out, there's a quarter clipped to a guy's hat with a clothespin and the caption reads "Montana Money Clip". They had a lot of old-timey stuff decorating the walls.  The other piece that caught my eye was this first day cover from 1944 commemorating the "Golden Spike".  I found it curious that the dealer had written the price "10-"  on the front.  I guess it doesn't hurt the value too much... Anyway, food was ok - just kind of bland.