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The Territory Ahead

The Territory Ahead used several of my cards in their fall catalog. Order a free copy and check out the postcards and the clothes.

Postcards at the California State Railroad Museum

I took my brother to the railroad museum in Sacramento last weekend. I've been there before - it's one of the best museums I've ever been to. They have some amazing displays and exhibits that rival the Smithsonian and the Henry Ford. They have a number of old cars you can walk through, and one of them is a mail car which probably transported millions of postcards across the country. They had few old postcards on display which didn't really have much to do with the railroad - displaying some RPO (Railway Post Office) cancels would have been better. I have a number of RPO cancels on postcards and I can't help wondering if any traveled on this car...

Postcards from Alcatraz

Went to Alcatraz last weekend. The postcard display in the gift shop was the best part! There were only about 20 different views, but they reprinted them and stuck them on posterboard in this large display. I wonder if any prisoners actually sent any of these older cards from "the rock".... See more postcards from alcatraz here.