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National Parks Vintage Postcards

New splash on the home page for this month featuring national parks: And for more recent views, check out Google Street View, National Parks Edition

Greetings From Harvard

The Harvard Press has a nice article about a local resident's collection.  Thanks for the plug! Wish I had more Harvard cards, but being on the west coast for a while I didn't find as many good New England cards. The baseball team card is awesome: This is a great cross-genre card. Baseball team, small town, real photo, etc. Wish I could find the story of the bicycle chase from 1897 online, but it looks like the Boston Globe Archives don't have all papers going back that far.

First Titanic Memorial Postcard

There have been many tributes and memorials to Titanic over the years - this postcard from 1913 was one of the first memorials. Titanic memorabilia has always been hot - a similar card sold last year for over $2200.  I believe this card may have been published earlier - unfortunately there is no postmark, and few other specimens to compare it to.

"Father is here" - Postcard Messages from Maine

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I don't usually spend too much time reading the backs of postcards.  But I got a copy of Deborah Gould's book in the mail " Father is here.. he's as fat as a pig ", and had a good laugh reading this compilation of postcard messages from the early 1900's. It's an interesting view into the day to day lives and travels of people all over Maine.  Reading some of the messages you can't help but imagine some of the writers & recipients.  Some of my favorite quotes: From Caribou, 1915: "What's worse than finding a worm in an apple?  Finding half  a worm in an apple..." From Brownville, 1919: "Theodore and I went fishing Sunday most all the fish had gone to Church." Accompanying he messages are some photos of the fronts and backs of some cards. Most interestingly there were some coded messages on a few cards.  My uncle collects, and deciphers codes and cipher postcards, so I've s

Greetings From Coral Gables

In Miami last week - grabbed breakfast at Denny's in Coral Gables and noticed they had quite a few prints from vintage postcards hanging up, most of which I have originals of:  Coral Gables Postcards