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"IOU" Postcard

I thought this postcard was interesting - written on the back is a credit for tickets to the dinner theater the card is from.

400 Antique Pig Postcards

You won't catch Swine Flu from these cards! 400 Pig Postcards added this month

Visiting Ebay

I had the opportunity to visit Ebay in San Jose yesterday. There are definitely more vintage postcards on their web site than at their corporate office. Lots of other collectibles adorning employee's offices though!

Old Postcards at the Magic Kingdom

I was at Disney World again last week, and hidden in one of the old stores on Main St. Kodak has an exhibit of photography, featuring a lot of postcards and travel emphemera. First we have a Kodak folding brownie camera. Note the NY City Central Park Postcard (not a real photo, so I'm not sure why they have that behind the camera). Next we have another Brownie camera, and a few miscelaneous postcards. Postcards as part of a 1933 Chicago World's Fair Display: And finally we have a nice 1940's/50's roadside display:

Google Eyes

And you thought Google wasn't around in 1915...

Bob Hope Airport

I was down in Burbank and was happy to see some ephemera and other items displayed in the lobby. Only a couple of postcards, but some nice airmail cancels and such. The terminal hasn't changed much in the past 50 years - this postcard is from the late 1950's or early 60's when it was called the "Lockheed Air Terminal":

New Additions for January

Lots of US Views added over the past month or so: 700 Pre-1920 US Cards Another 700 Older Cards - US & Canada 700 More Pre-1920 US Postcards 700 Pre-1908 US Cards 700 Old Massachusetts Postcards 700 US Chrome 700 More US Chrome Many more great cards being listed this month - including topics & artist signed

The Bantam Anti-Friction Co.

I just thought this company's name was funny. Perfect for all of your frictionless surface needs. Seems like the kind of place Wile E Coyote would purchase some devices. Or the Acme Anti-Mass Co. I assume they made ball bearings...