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New Site Search Features: Narrow Your Search

I've spent some time over the past month improving the search functionality on With over 250,000 cards now in our inventory just plain keyword-based search is often not enough to easily find specific cards. There are now two new options available: Sorting of Results This allows sorting by best match (relevancy), and also by price or by listing date. This allows users to fine newly listed cards, or more expensive/less expensive cards quickly. Search Refinements Once you've entered your keywords to search on, you now have the option to narrow your search by category, state, size of the card, orientation, type/era, and price range Here's an example: Now say you just want Linen cards, just click on the "Linen" refinement:[]=Linen And then maybe we want to find cheaper

"IOU" Postcard

I thought this postcard was interesting - written on the back is a credit for tickets to the dinner theater the card is from.

Investing In Postcards

There are lots of people looking for alternative investments these days. There's a fine line between investing and collecting sometimes, but at least if you buy something you love you get some enjoyment out of it - even if it doesn't appreciate in value much. Richard Morrison of Canada's Financial Post recently called and asked about " Investing in Postcards ". The article mentions a few specific cards & topics that always are in high demand, and seems to draw the conclusion that postcards are best left for collectors, not serious investors. I don't think postcards are that much different than other inves-tibles like Art, Guitars, Classic Cars, and other similar items. They are a bit different than coins & stamps though - since coins and (unused) stamps will always have at least face-value. Like other collectibles you need to know what you're doing if you are buying strictly as an investment - but is this really that different than stocks,

San Francisco Postcard Show This Weekend

This weekend, May 23 & 24 2009 is Hal Lutsky's spring postcard show in San Francisco. It's not the largest venue, but it does get a lot of traffic. Due to the location in Golden Gate Park a lot of passersby stop in. My friend Arlen has a few tables at the show - selling 25 cent cards. Don't be fooled though, there can be some gems found for those willing to look through his 100+ boxes of cards - especially those looking for foreign cards. Here's a picture from the January show: With free admission, and 1 Million Postcards from 50 or so dealers to browse, the SF show is a great way to spend an afternoon.

400 Antique Pig Postcards

You won't catch Swine Flu from these cards! 400 Pig Postcards added this month

Postcard Alerts

Now you can create your own postcard wantlists! We Just added a new feature on which allows you to save your favorite searches, and we will email you when new cards are found. Simply login in to your account, or create a new one: Then do a search for anything that might interest you: for example. Then click the " Save This Search " button at the top of the page. You will then receive an email any time new cards are found that match that exact search.

National Postcard Week Sale!

This week is our annual NPCW sale - get 20% off all orders over $25 through May 10th at Over 10,000 new cards added in the past couple months including several hundred nice Real Photo Postcards , and some Topical Postcards featuring Black Americana & Native American cards - as well as thousands of great US Views.

Visiting Ebay

I had the opportunity to visit Ebay in San Jose yesterday. There are definitely more vintage postcards on their web site than at their corporate office. Lots of other collectibles adorning employee's offices though!

Old Postcards at the Magic Kingdom

I was at Disney World again last week, and hidden in one of the old stores on Main St. Kodak has an exhibit of photography, featuring a lot of postcards and travel emphemera. First we have a Kodak folding brownie camera. Note the NY City Central Park Postcard (not a real photo, so I'm not sure why they have that behind the camera). Next we have another Brownie camera, and a few miscelaneous postcards. Postcards as part of a 1933 Chicago World's Fair Display: And finally we have a nice 1940's/50's roadside display:

Google Eyes

And you thought Google wasn't around in 1915...

Bob Hope Airport

I was down in Burbank and was happy to see some ephemera and other items displayed in the lobby. Only a couple of postcards, but some nice airmail cancels and such. The terminal hasn't changed much in the past 50 years - this postcard is from the late 1950's or early 60's when it was called the "Lockheed Air Terminal":

New Additions for January

Lots of US Views added over the past month or so: 700 Pre-1920 US Cards Another 700 Older Cards - US & Canada 700 More Pre-1920 US Postcards 700 Pre-1908 US Cards 700 Old Massachusetts Postcards 700 US Chrome 700 More US Chrome Many more great cards being listed this month - including topics & artist signed

The Bantam Anti-Friction Co.

I just thought this company's name was funny. Perfect for all of your frictionless surface needs. Seems like the kind of place Wile E Coyote would purchase some devices. Or the Acme Anti-Mass Co. I assume they made ball bearings...