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Support the USPS

If you rely on US Postal Service to receive or send mail or packages I urge you to write to your congressmen and the postmaster general to support USPS: Sign and share the  Save the USPS Petition Find your Representative Find your Senator Contact the Postmaster General Louis DeJoy: Email: Mailing Address: 475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Washington, D.C. 20260 Buy some stamps: USPS Postal Store Have you gotten something important in your mail recently?  Have you sent a letter or package?  Have you had issues with your mail service?  Share your comments with "leadership" in Washington. I ship thousands of vintage postcards via USPS each month and USPS has always been extremely reliable.  I estimate my rate of lost, delayed or damaged items over the past decade to be maybe 1 in 1000 (1/10 of 1%).  I've never had many issues until this past month - I've never had so many customers complaining about not receiving their items or having items damaged in transit.