"Rare" 1c George Washington & Benjamin Franklin Stamps on Postcards

We get a lot of folks that tell us they have a collection of postcards with "Rare Stamps".  Usually they're referring to stamps like these:        These are usually common  Washington–Franklin Issues , issued from 1908–1922,  Benjamin Franklin 1902 series issued from 1902-1917 and US Regular Issues issued from 1922-1931. Most of these stamps were printed in quantities that reach into the billions, so they are definitely not rare by any account.  Just because something is 100+ years old, doesn't make it valuable.  Scarcity and collector demand make things valuable.   "But I just Googled these stamps and they're selling for $50,000!" you say? Perhaps you see something like this: First, it's doubtful that any of those stamps have actually sold for that much.  You need to look at SOLD prices []  There may be a few of these there that sell for more than $1, but for used 1c stamps on postcards, usually it's because of the cancel or postmark,

Support the USPS

If you rely on US Postal Service to receive or send mail or packages I urge you to write to your congressmen and the postmaster general to support USPS: Sign and share the  Save the USPS Petition Find your Representative Find your Senator Contact the Postmaster General Louis DeJoy: Email: Mailing Address: 475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Washington, D.C. 20260 Buy some stamps: USPS Postal Store Have you gotten something important in your mail recently?  Have you sent a letter or package?  Have you had issues with your mail service?  Share your comments with "leadership" in Washington. I ship thousands of vintage postcards via USPS each month and USPS has always been extremely reliable.  I estimate my rate of lost, delayed or damaged items over the past decade to be maybe 1 in 1000 (1/10 of 1%).  I've never had many issues until this past month - I've never had so many customers complaining about not receiving their items or having items damaged in transit.

San Francisco Vintage Paper Fair this Weekend

Join us this weekend at Golden Gate Park for the SF Paper Fair!

SF Vintage Paper Fair in The News

Nice write-up about this past weekend's show in the SF Chronicle:

File Your Taxes on a Postcard

This is probably what Trump meant about being able to file your taxes on a postcard :

Before there was Amazon or Google Express...

There was Sears "Instant Shopping":

Boston Postcard Show - April 13, 2013

Bay state postcardshow this weekend: Armenian Cultural Center 47 Nichols Avenue Watertown, MA 8:30 - 3:30