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Site Redesign

It's time for a site revamp.  If you're a designer, or know of one, consider submitting a design here:

Father's Day Postcards

Some of my " Everybody Works But Father " postcards were featured on television spot done by KSPS in Spokane, WA this week. I had no idea where that phrase came from, but watch the video to learn more!

Lamesa TX - The Westerner Motel, Then & Now

b Schafer sent me a photo he took of the Westerner Motel while passing through Lamesa TX.  It's interesting to see that the original buildings have changed very little in 50+ years. I've been thinking about adding a "Then and Now" now section to where people could submit current images of places that I have postcards of.  Do email me if you have a modern photo of one of our vintage views and I'll post it here!

CardCow on MarketWatch

Slightly misquoted, but that's ok: I used to auction quite a few items on Ebay, but it's not not worth it anymore.  Fees keep going up, and their feedback system is ridiculous.  Now with most sellers just listing store items auctions have taken a backseat.  There are currently 1,650,475 postcards listed on Ebay.  Only 88,148 are listed as auctions. If you're a seller on ebay, you just don't get the same visibility with auctions anymore.