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Slightly misquoted, but that's ok:

I used to auction quite a few items on Ebay, but it's not not worth it anymore.  Fees keep going up, and their feedback system is ridiculous.  Now with most sellers just listing store items auctions have taken a backseat.  There are currently 1,650,475 postcards listed on Ebay.  Only 88,148 are listed as auctions. If you're a seller on ebay, you just don't get the same visibility with auctions anymore.


gram said…
Ditto on e-Bay. I didn't realize it until I did my taxes. The bad news was seeing my fee totals for the year. The good news was they wiped out nearly all I'd made selling, so the net was "no taxes."

Just came across your blog. Have just started one for 'seniors' and will link to yours - I think they'd really enjoy it (also the French postcard one.) Mine, JUST started is -

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