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"Rare" 1c George Washington & Benjamin Franklin Stamps on Postcards

We get a lot of folks that tell us they have a collection of postcards with "Rare Stamps".  Usually they're referring to stamps like these:        These are usually common  Washington–Franklin Issues , issued from 1908–1922,  Benjamin Franklin 1902 series issued from 1902-1917 and US Regular Issues issued from 1922-1931. Most of these stamps were printed in quantities that reach into the billions, so they are definitely not rare by any account.  Just because something is 100+ years old, doesn't make it valuable.  Scarcity and collector demand make things valuable.   "But I just Googled these stamps and they're selling for $50,000!" you say? Perhaps you see something like this: First, it's doubtful that any of those stamps have actually sold for that much.  You need to look at SOLD prices [] , and even then many of those sales for common stamps may not actually be real.  There may be a few of these there that sell for more than $1, but for