Friday, November 6, 2009

New Site Search Features: Narrow Your Search

I've spent some time over the past month improving the search functionality on With over 250,000 cards now in our inventory just plain keyword-based search is often not enough to easily find specific cards.

There are now two new options available:
  • Sorting of Results
    This allows sorting by best match (relevancy), and also by price or by listing date. This allows users to fine newly listed cards, or more expensive/less expensive cards quickly.

  • Search Refinements
    Once you've entered your keywords to search on, you now have the option to narrow your search by category, state, size of the card, orientation, type/era, and price range
Here's an example:

Now say you just want Linen cards, just click on the "Linen" refinement:

And then maybe we want to find cheaper cards, so click on the "Under $5" refinement:

And of course you can save these searches on the site for automatic notification, or bookmark them to easily see when new cards are available for your particular searches.