Investing In Postcards

There are lots of people looking for alternative investments these days. There's a fine line between investing and collecting sometimes, but at least if you buy something you love you get some enjoyment out of it - even if it doesn't appreciate in value much. Richard Morrison of Canada's Financial Post recently called and asked about "Investing in Postcards". The article mentions a few specific cards & topics that always are in high demand, and seems to draw the conclusion that postcards are best left for collectors, not serious investors.

I don't think postcards are that much different than other inves-tibles like Art, Guitars, Classic Cars, and other similar items. They are a bit different than coins & stamps though - since coins and (unused) stamps will always have at least face-value. Like other collectibles you need to know what you're doing if you are buying strictly as an investment - but is this really that different than stocks, bonds and commodities? Collectibles follow the same kinds of ups & downs as other markets, and there are similar risks - but at least postcards can provide some enjoyment as well as asthetic and historical value.


Game Over said…
For my part, postcards are mainly pleasure; I just adore beautiful vintage images; therefore postacards are great collectibles; besides they do not take so much space as work of art or furniture. Every single image is a piece of history - no matter it cost me USD 0,5 or USD 200. I love to flip the album pages, I love scanning them, buying or selling, I love watching them grow in value;) I do not suppose to make a fortune of them - even if my collection consised of Mucha and Montedoro alone- there would be slim chance. Neverteless, postcards are great hobby.

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